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GOLD DOLLARS 1849-1861 Type One 1849 - 1854
Diameter: 13 millimeters Liberty Head, Small Planchet
Weight: 25.8 grains Fineness: .900
Edge: Reeded Designer: James B. Longacre

Mintage: 6,360

The rarest Type One gold dollar from the Dahlonega Mint, trailing only the 1850-D and 1854-D. The 1852-D usually has below average eye appeal because of heavily clashed dies. Most specimens are weakly struck but a few exist with strong strikes. The luster usually is frosty with a slightly grainy texture, while the color on original, uncleaned 1852-D gold dollars ranges from deep orange and coppery-gold to medium green-gold. There are roughly 125 surviving specimens with less than 8% being Mint State.


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