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The North Georgia Collection
(Now known as the Farmer Collection)

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Note: The name for this collection will be changed throughout the site in the near future.

This site was developed by Hancock & Harwell, an Atlanta, Georgia based rare coins and precious metals firm, which has specialized in Dahlonega gold coins for over three decades. The gold coins featured on this web site are from the North Georgia Collection, which is the finest known complete set of Dahlonega gold coins ever assembled. World class in every way. Many of the specimens are in uncirculated condition and have pedigrees that date back to before the turn of the century. The collection was built for a client over a 25 year period by Hancock & Harwell and all the coins were chosen for their special quality and rarity.

The North Georgia Collection, traded hands in a private treaty transaction in the fall of 1995 for in excess of $1,250,000.00, which set a new world record price for a complete set of Dahlonega gold coins. The collection remains intact and in the state of Georgia. If you are interested in buying or selling Dahlonega gold coins, please contact Hancock & Harwell at their corporate web site or call Jack Hancock at 1-770-532-8783.

To buy or sell these coins, please contact Hancock & Harwell

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