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GOLD DOLLARS 1849-1861 Type Three 1856-1861
Diameter: 15 millimeters Large Indian Head
Weight: 25.8 grains Fineness: .900
Edge: Reeded Designer: James B. Longacre

Mintage: 3,477

The second most common Type Three gold dollar from the Dahlonega Mint. Most known specimens are weakly struck on the hair and headdress of Liberty and in the center portion of the reverse. The planchets used for the 1858-D gold dollars were of poor quality and many had different mint-made problems. A very few specimens have first quality planchets with bold strikes, and these are seldom seen. Most have frosty luster and above average eye appeal. Original, uncleaned specimens have coloration ranging from bright yellow-gold to rich orange-gold. Less than 185 surviving specimens are known with less than 13% Mint State.


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