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Quarter Eagles 1839 - 1859 Liberty Head 1840-1859
Diameter: 18 millimeters
Weight: 64.5 grains Fineness: .900
Edge: Reeded Designer: Christian Gobrecht

Mintage: 1,760

The 1854-D quarter eagle is an extremely rare coin in high grade. This date always comes with a below average strike. The reverse is usually weakest on the neck feathers, right leg and claws of the eagle. On most coins of this date the surfaces have abraisions and Mint-made defects such as planchet laminations and die scratches. Original, uncleaned specimens show coloration ranging from green-gold to coppery-gold. The 1854-D is a very hard coin to locate with good eye appeal and pleasing luster. Less than 65 coins survive with only five Mint State coins currently known.


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