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Quarter Eagles 1839 - 1859 Classic Head 1839
Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
Weight: 64.5 grains Fineness: .900
Edge: Reeded Designer: William Kneass

Mintage: 13,674

A major type coin within the "D" Mint series, like the 1838-D and 1839-D half eagles, the mint mark is on the obverse of the coin. The strike on this date is usually average on the obverse and weak on the reverse around the eagle's wing. The surfaces on most 1839-D quarter eagles are average because of marks and light abrasions in the fields. Luster is usually bright and frosty but some specimens have a more subdued look. Original, uncleaned pieces have great eye appeal because of their attractive orange-gold or coppery-gold color. There are two known die varieties. There are less than 225 specimens known with less than 7% being Mint State.


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