Duke's Creek Collection
Dahlonega Mint Memorablia

Letter from C.C. Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederate States of America, to Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown, April 3, 1861, concerning proposals that the CSA continue operating the Dahlonega Mint after declaration of War.(Written slightly more than a week before War was declared)

The Confederate States of America
Treasury Department
Montgomery, April 3, 1861

His Excellency Jos E. Brown


Enclosed I send you a copy of the Resolution of congress in relation to the Dahlonega Mint. I have proposals from Dr. Hamilton to carry on the establishment; and I wrote to Mr. Kellogg on the same subject but have no reply. I understand that both he and the coiner reside at a long distance from the mint-one 30 and the other 70 miles. Of course no efficient management can be carried on in this way. I shall be glad to have you stir them up, and make me proposals forthwith that I may prepare a proper plan for congress at its next meeting.

With much respect
Your obt Serv
C.C. Memminger

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