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Quarter Eagles 1839 - 1859 Liberty Head 1840-1859
Diameter: 18 millimeters
Weight: 64.5 grains Fineness: .900
Edge: Reeded Designer: Christian Gobrecht

Mintage: 10,945

The 1849-D trails only the 1840-D, 1841-D and the 1842-D in rarity for the quarter eagles struck during the 1840'S at the Dahlonega Mint. This date comes with a weak strike on both obverse and reverse. Many specimens have detracting marks. The luster typically is below average, but a few original, uncleaned, high grade specimens do exist. These coins have rich, frosty luster with coloration of orange-gold to coppery-gold that help give these special few fantastic eye appeal. Roughly 150 specimens exist with only three Mint State coins known.


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