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Mintage: UKNOWN

Condition Census Information:

1. PCGS MS 65 - Finest Known - Duke's Creek Collection; ex: Hancock & Harwell, Farmer Collection, Hancock & Harwell, Stack's, 1/90, Lot 1594; Stack's, Lloyd Myers Collection, 12/72, Lot 510.

2. PCGS MS 64 - Private collection; ex: Stacks, 3/15/00, George Elliott Collection, Lot 455; Mid American Rare Coin Auctions, 1/87, Lot 1810; Hancock & Harwell, Stack's, Arthur L. Montgomery Collection, Auction 84, Lot 1307; Hancock & Harwell, Stanley Kesselman, Stack's, Ullmer Collection, 5/74, Lot 373; Stack's Miles Collection, 10/68, Stack's, Pierce Collection, 5/65.

3. PCGS MS 63 - Private Collection; ex: Winter, Hancock & Harwell, Duke's Creek Collection, Sotheby's, 6/96, Lot 14; ($38,500), Bowers & Ruddy, Eliasberg Collection, 10/82, Lot 49; Clapp Collection (1942), I.M. Bates Sale June 1895).

4. PCGS MS 63 - Michigan collection; ex: Hancock & Harwell.

5. NGC MS 63 - Private Collection.

6. PCGS MS 62 - Private Collection; ex: Bowers & Merena, 10/2/99, Lot # 149, $39,100, Harry W. Bass Collection; Rowe & Brownlee, 2/24/67.

7. PCGS MS 61 - Northern California Collection; Winter/Minshull, North Carolina Collection, Stack's Auction 86, Lot 342, Amon Carter Collection, Stack's, 1/84, Lot 496.

8. PCGS AU 58 - Private Collection; Heritage Numismatic Auction, ANA Sale 8/13/99, Lot # 7635, Chestatee Collection; ex: Hancock & Harwell.

For purposes of viewing the information on this web site the term “Condition Census” refers to the five or so finest examples of a specific date known to Hancock & Harwell. In some cases the population reports of PCGS and NGC will show more examples for date and grade than listed here. In many cases they represent the same coin being sent in more than one time or sent to the other grading service as a preference or to try to obtain a higher grade. In this regard Hancock & Harwell shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of any information contained herein or any errors, omissions or misrepresentations of information by third parties based on the the content hereof. To list specimens not shown please contact H&H for listing.

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